Worldwide WAAD Month: The WAAD Effect

Throughout the month of April events were held to kicking off our theme, The WAAD Effect.

As Wellesley Alumnae of African Descent, our shared experiences as Wellesley women have impacted our values and our personal and professional lives. We know that what we do and how we navigate through this world has enormous potential to effect social change in the lives of all women, our communities, and the world.  As women of African descent, we are catalysts for transformative change in communities of African peoples worldwide. Through our strengthened connections to each other, the College, and current and prospective students, we use our intellectual gifts and purpose to make a far-reaching and lasting impact.

This is The WAAD Effect.

Here are highlights of events across the Regions.

South: April 8

On img_2095April 8th, several WAAD members felt fortunate to welcome Dr. Paula Johnson as the keynote speaker at the 75th anniversary of the Wellesley Club of Houston. "It was a wonderful event and historic occasion." - Teta Banks ‘74 




Pictured with President Paula A Johnson,left to right: Mia Mends, guest, Terricka Duckett, Anastasia Cunningham, Deborah Smith' 73, Jill White-Cross, Eve-White West, Teta Banks '74


New England: April 8


“We all had a fantastic time together! It was fun, intellectual and rejuvenating, - talking about current events, reminiscing about our times at Wellesley, and touring our beautifully renovated Harambee House. We are looking forward to our next time together.” Azizah Yasin ‘94, New England Region Rep

Pictured:(standing) Charlayne Murrell-Smith ’73, Callie  Crossley ‘73.  (seated) Malika Jeffries-El ‘96, Azizah P. Yasin ‘94, Tanekwah Hinds ‘15, Quiana Agbai ‘02


west“We had an enjoyable afternoon making connections with each other - sharing our memories of Wellesley and the lives we have each been creating after graduation.  We have much in common despite the different paths we’ve taken and discovered that together, we are a powerful network.  We all agreed that this get-together is the start of more to come.” Jacqueline Morrisette Olivier ’82, West Region Rep

Pictured left to right: Melissa Peng ‘06, Julia Walker ‘79, Jackie Olivier ‘82,  Jennell Mimms ‘96, Carol Ivy ‘73, Barbara Finley ’80

Northeast: April 30

waad-effect-in-education-northeastThe Wellesley mission statement "Not to be ministered unto, but to minister," was showcased at the WAAD Effect on Education, held in New York City on April 30, 2017.  The lively group dialogue included sharing experiences, stories, and perspectives from over 4 decades of WAAD women.  Panelists Victoria Allison, Hollins Gause, and Zoe Mungin discussed their journey into the field of education, including how Wellesley impacted their views and current work as teachers, professors, administrators, and activists.   Facilitated by Northeast Representative Doris Saintil Phildor ‘97, the discussion ranged from challenges in public and private education, parents as catalysts for change, standardized testing, and education as an investment in a societal good.

Pictured (back row): Ruth Curtis ‘63, Doris Saintil Phildor ’97, Hollins Gause ’03, Benita Perkins ’80, Lyniah Mungin.  (front row) Victoria Allison ’10, Cheryl Seraile ’81, Lois Jenkins(’01, Zoe Mungin(’11, Patricia Mungin

Midwest: May 6



“My first reaction to meeting Dr. Paula Johnson was – Wow, what a coup for Wellesley!  She is a warm, friendly, engaging person.  In her remarks, she demonstrated how focused and determined she is to securing Wellesley’s future especially during these uncertain times for colleges in general and women’s education in particular.  She was so gracious to everyone wanting pictures or to chat with her.

In a special presentation after Dr Johnson’s remarks, by motion from Helen Marshall’77 and seconded by me, Club President, Pat Mell Ragland ‘75 extended to President Johnson an honorary membership in the Chicago Wellesley Club “with all of the rights, title and privileges appurtenant thereto” and presented her with the “colors of the Chicago Wellesley Club” – a commemorative scarf of the Chicago Club’s 125th anniversary.  Several people in the group photo, including Dr. Johnson are wearing the scarf.” – Toya Horn Howard ‘74

Pictured: front row (l-r) Phyllis Douglass Hayes ’77 (former Young Alumnae Trustee), Teri Lynn Cotton Santos ‘90 , Toya Horn Howard ’74, Patricia Mell Ragland ’75 (Chicago Wellesley Club President), Pier Rogers ’75 (Board Member, Wellesley College Alumnae Association), Dr. Paula Johnson, Patricia Anderson ’79, Hilary Hurd Anyaso ’93, Cecilia Conrad ’76

MidAtlantic: May 20

winetasting"The WAAD Effect was in full effect when Mid-Atlantic WAAD members Tracy Brooks '78, Desiree Urquhart DS'99, and Lauren Young '99 met for a reserve wine tasting at the Williamsburg Winery on May 20. They were later joined by Andrea Mitchell '00 and her daughter, Bailey '36 for a picnic where they caught up on their lives, discussed College and WAAD happenings, reminisced of their College days, and decided to get together more often. Everyone had a great time and the weather was perfect for a wine tasting and picnic" - Lauren Young '99

Pictured: (front) Desiree Urquhart DS'99, Lauren Young '99; (rear)Tracy Brooks '78,

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