Pamela "Pamm" McNeil has always had a strong connection to Wellesley College.  Having served as president of Ethos as a student, she continued her volunteer work after graduation in many roles.  Pamm is one of Wellesley’s very few “trifecta” alumnae volunteers, having served as the president of a club, her class and a shared interest group (SIG).  At her first reunion, Pamm was elected to a five-year term as class president, and later served as Wellesley Fund representative.  She was elected vice-president and then president of two clubs: Wellesley-on-Long Island and the Washington Wellesley Club.  And Pamm just completed a three-year term as president of Wellesley Alumnae of African Descent (WAAD). 

Congratulations, Pamm!  Thank you for your leadership and service.   

You can view Pamm's acceptance speech on the WAAD Facebook page.


About the Award

The Sed Ministrare Volunteer Award was initiated in 2014 by the WCAA and is given for dedicated volunteer service to Wellesley College.  The outstanding efforts of the recipients fulfills the Alumnae Associations mission of keeping alumnae connected to one another and to the College.  Their service exceptionally embodies our motto, “Non Ministrari, sed Ministrare.”