Call For Photos

As we mark Harambee House's 45th year, share your photos with WAAD. 

wellesleycollege_harambeehouseanniversary_april92016_teresakayabakennedy_dsc_6191_72dpimfj-300x2 From now until April 30, if you have any photos taken at any time over the last 45 years in Harambee House, please post them on our group Facebook page: "Wellesley Alumnae of African Descent" group.  The group is closed, so you will have to join before you can post, but this is only seen by WAAD members.  There is also a Facebook public WAAD page: "WAAD Wellesley Alumnae of African Descent".Only administrators can post to the public page, but please "Like" our public page.

Didn't make it to the Anniversary?

See a recap of the Harambee House Anniversary Celebration weekend, including the photos from this newsletter and many more, on Terri Kennedy (Class of 88)'s blog.