WAAD Needs Your Participation

Welcome to the new WAAD website! Check out new posts and upcoming events. Learn how and why WAAD members should participate in Wellesley's Annual Giving. 

Dear WAAD members,
Reunion was a huge success and those who attended enjoyed reconnecting with old and new friends!   Some WAAD members met during Reunion and discussed how we can support our students and encourage more leadership roles for Wellesley faculty of African descent.  We may often discount the importance of our participation in the financial support of the College - but it is one way to show our level of commitment and strength because participation is not about how much we give to Wellesley but it is about how many of us give.  It is an important measure of alumnae engagement and it influences decision makers and College rankings.
We may think that small gifts to Wellesley don't make a difference or that they do not impact our students. They do
$10 gift might provide:
  • art supplies for a Book Arts workshop
  • a pair of laboratory safety goggles
  • an hour of peer tutoring
$25 gift might provide:
  • orientation materials for students starting their theses
  • a biological pipette
  • a warm-up shirt for a varsity basketball player
$100 gift might provide:
  • one scholarly ebook for the library
  • an orchid for the Botanical Gardens collection
  • one set of glassware for the Science Center chemistry lab
Harambee House remains a home away from home for students of African descent. Over the years, alumnae have given almost $16,000 for Harambee House. By making the commitment to give whatever amount is right for each of us - we participate in Wellesley's future. To be counted this fiscal year (which ends June 30) please join me in making a gift to Wellesley by June 30. You may use the link below and, if you wish to designate your gift for Harambee House, you may do so by entering that in the "Other" box. 
Have you had a chance to check out our new WAAD website?  Go there at https://waad.alum.wellesley.edu/ to look for our latest news and events.  It's a work in progress that also needs your input and participation.  If you're in the greater Los Angeles area, there is a tea gathering on Saturday, June 20 - see the details there.  Just added is a new job posting for a Wellesley College staff position.  You or someone you know may be interested in the opportunity to join the staff of the College.  Photos from this year's Reunion will be added soon (please submit yours to Maya Thompson at maya.thompson@wellesley.edu) so come back to see them once they're posted!
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Pamm McNeil '82, WAAD President